From the pain of a highly contested divorce to the pride of adopting a stepchild as your own, family law can encompass a wide range of struggles, stresses and joys.

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Woodbridge Divorce Lawyer: Experienced Legal Counsel

Here at the New Jersey law firm of Nemergut & Duff, our lawyers have 75 combined years of legal experience. We are committed to helping fellow New Jersey individuals and families to navigate the legal complexities of their unique family law cases. Our firm deals with the following types of cases on a regular basis:

Extensive Trial and Settlement Experience

At Nemergut & Duff, we believe that our clients are usually best served by settling their cases out of court. Settling a case can save an individual time and money while avoiding the emotional exhaustion that can be caused by a trial. However, if it is in your best interest to take your case to court, our attorneys are highly experienced trial lawyers who genuinely relish the challenge of properly presenting a case to the court with a goal of obtaining the best possible result for our clients.

As a Certified Matrimonial Attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court, Howard Duff has litigated nearly every type of family law case, including child custody, alimony, marital torts (Tevis counts), palimony, domestic violence and many more. Both local judges and opposing attorneys know him and his record of results.

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