Suffering a serious on-the-job injury is a traumatic experience. Most workers are afraid to miss work and fear retaliation from their employer if they seek workers’ compensation benefits.

At Nemergut & Duff, located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, our attorneys are here to protect your rights and get you the care and compensation you deserve. It is illegal for any employer to hold a workers’ compensation claim against its employees, and we fight hard to correct any retaliatory practices in which your employer might engage.

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Woodbridge Workman’s Compensation Lawyer

The workers’ compensation system in New Jersey is complex, especially for people unfamiliar with its requirements and processes. As a result, the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can be invaluable to securing the benefits to which you are entitled.

It is important to take action soon after you suffer an injury. All injuries must be reported to your employer — preferably in writing — which must report the situation to its insurance carrier. Once the process is initiated, our lawyers will work hard to see that you get full compensation for your injuries, proper medical care, and temporary or permanent disability awards, when necessary.

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Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials and Appeals

It is not uncommon for an employer’s insurance carrier to deny even the most deserving workers’ comp claims. If your claim was wrongfully denied, then you have the right to appeal. Nemergut & Duff will work hard to preserve all evidence, seek necessary medical opinions, and argue your case to see you receive all of the benefits you need and deserve.

Paul Nemergut has three decades of personal injury and workman’s comp experience. Speak with him today and learn how his services can help you file a successful workers’ compensation claim or appeal.

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