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A temporary restraining order (TRO) or final restraining order (FRO) can be a powerful shield for those who are in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, the same order can be wielded as a sword in the hands of a vindictive person or one who wants to gain an advantage in a custody dispute. In either case, it is important to engage the help of a skilled and experienced trial lawyer who has for three decades represented people on both sides of a restraining order.

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Edison Restraining Order Attorneys

At Nemergut & Duff in New Jersey, we excel at bringing preparation, courtroom experience and legal knowledge into play on behalf of our clients. During the past decade, our law firm has litigated more than 100 domestic violence cases, representing both victims of domestic violence and those charged with committing domestic violence. We can assist you in either asserting a valid domestic violence complaint or defending against a false claim of domestic violence.

Asserting a Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence Claim

If you or your children are being physically abused, threatened with physical abuse or being harassed to the point that your health and safety are endangered, you can file a domestic violence complaint with either a superior court judge (on weekdays during court hours) or with a municipal court judge through the police department (on weekends or at night). If the judge believes that you are the victim of domestic violence and are in need of protection, you will receive a temporary restraining order.

Within 10 days, the person you filed against will be entitled to a hearing in the family court, and at that hearing, a family court judge will listen to the testimony of the parties and any witnesses and will review the evidence, and then determine whether to dismiss the temporary restraining order or to issue a final restraining order. In New Jersey, an final restraining order is permanent.

If the court determines that you are entitled to either a temporary or permanent restraining order, the court can order emergency relief in regard to issues such as custody, parenting time, alimony and child support, and the possession of our car and the family home.

Defending Against a Domestic Violence Claim

If a claim of domestic violence has been made against you, do not take it lightly. A restraining order will have a serious impact on your life. It may cause problems in your current and future employment, you may be removed from your home, and it will severely affect your rights to child custody and parenting time. Additionally, a violation of a restraining order is a crime that could include jail time if you are convicted. A second violation of a restraining order carries with it a mandatory jail sentence.

Because restraining orders are serious matters, it is in your best interest to engage the help of an experienced trial lawyer as soon as possible.

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Whether you are in danger from an abusive spouse or a vengeful partner has obtained a restraining order against you, it is important to act quickly to protect yourself.

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