Just because the court issued an order does not always mean that the order is permanent and unalterable. If your circumstances have significantly changed since the judgment or order was issued, you can seek a modification.

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Child Support Modification Attorney Serving Middlesex County

Nemergut & Duff is a New Jersey law firm dedicated to assisting clients with a wide array of family law and divorce issues. One of the many services our attorneys offer is helping people pursue post-judgment modifications. We handle cases involving:

  • Alimony modifications due to retirement, job loss or other financial changes
  • Child support terminations due to the emancipation of the child
  • Child custody or parenting time modifications
  • Enforcement of orders concerning custody, parenting time and support
  • Enforcement of the terms of a divorce judgment, including the distribution of assets or sale of the marital residence
  • Enforcement of orders concerning life insurance, health insurance or the payment of unreimbursed health bills

With 65 combined years of experience, our lawyers are also well-equipped to handle the legal enforcement of existing divorce judgments. If your ex is refusing to comply with a current court order for parenting time, support or property distribution,
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Contributing to Your Child’s College Tuition

Most states only require child support payments to be made until the child reaches 18 or 19 and is legally “emancipated.” In New Jersey, however, emancipation does not occur until the judge decides that the child is in a position where he or she should
be able to support himself or herself.

Emancipation does not occur when your child reaches 18 years of age, and until an order of emancipation is entered, there is a continuing obligation to pay child support. If your son or daughter is attending college on a full-time basis, a parent’s child
support obligation continues; indeed, a court can order you to contribute toward your child’s college education expenses. Under certain circumstances, that obligation may continue to graduate or professional school.

Our law firm has significant experience with post-judgment motions for college contributions. Every judge has a different view of what constitutes emancipation, so our extensive experience with the local judges and courts can prove a valuable aid.

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