Whether you are getting divorced or were never married to your child’s mother or father, as a parent, you will still have to make joint decisions with the other parent about your children. Parents still have to attend school and athletic functions and attend other important events together. For these reasons, it is important to pursue a smooth working relationship with the other parent. While this may at times seem impossible, getting off to a good start with the proper legal advice can have long-term benefits for you and your children.

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Woodbridge Attorney for Visitation and Parenting Time Rights

At Nemergut & Duff, we understand that your children’s best interests must come first. The decisions made about custody and parenting time during a divorce or breakup can affect your and your children’s lives for countless years to come. That is why our New Jersey law firm is committed to helping you reach a positive resolution about child custody and parenting time (formerly called “visitation”) issues.

Our law firm also handles cases involving parental alienation, where one parent is accused of intentionally poisoning a child’s mind against the other parent.

Understanding Child Custody in New Jersey

After you file for divorce, the court will send mothers and fathers a notice to attend an educational workshop. This workshop is a three-hour presentation about how to successfully resolve parenting issues. After attending the workshop, you may be invited to set up a meeting with a parenting mediator who can assist you in developing a custody and parenting plan.

Child custody agreements involve two different parts — legal custody and residential custody:

  • Legal custody is nearly always awarded to both parents and allows them to participate equally in decisions about the child’s health, education and welfare.
  • Residential or physical custody, on the other hand, determines with whom the child will live and may be primarily awarded to one parent.

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