New Jersey Representation for Same-Sex Couples

Gay and lesbian couples face many unique challenges. When a same-sex relationship breaks down, both individuals must make important decisions about the same issues that affect divorcing heterosexuals. Such issues may include the equitable distribution

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Civil Unions in New Jersey

In 2007, New Jersey law was changed to accommodate civil unions. These civil unions grant the same rights and benefits to same-sex couples as those enjoyed by married couples of the opposite sex. However, a civil union does not allow access to federal
marriage benefits.

In New Jersey, the dissolution of a civil union is almost identical to a divorce. After filing a complaint with the court, you and your ex will have to come to
a resolution about a number of important issues such as the division of finances, property and other matters. If there are children involved, our Edison parenting time attorneys can help you work out child custody and visitation agreements.

Domestic Partnerships

Because of the civil union law, same-sex couples can no longer file a petition for a new domestic partnership. However, existing domestic partnerships are still legally recognized. In the event that the relationship comes to an end, our law firm can assist
you with all the legal requirements necessary for legally dissolving the domestic partnership.

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